7 Tips for a Better Doctor-Patient Relationship

The doctor-patient relationship is one that can be incredibly valuable, but it can also be a stressful one. If you and your doctor are not on the same page, healing can be delayed, so it’s imperative that you build a solid relationship with your caregiver. These tips will help you get things started on the right foot.

1. Try to keep in mind that you are important, but you are not special
Health care professionals are some of the busiest people in business today. They are always in demand and there is always something else to do and emergency situations come up that completely destroy schedules. We understand people need attention, if there is something pressing, let us know and be insistent, but do not be rude our catty. Everyone is important. Everyone deserves care; but there is no reason you are more special than someone else with the same needs.

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2. Be considerate
Take in to account that everyone is busy. If you have questions and you are dealing with a stressed out nurse but you have questions, don’t demand answers right away if they can wait. Instead, acknowledge that they are very busy right now and ask when a better time to ask your questions would be. You will get your answers and they will feel like you understand their situation.

3. Know what an Emergency is and what isn’t
Doctors are very busy people and it can be impossible to keep up with the demands of their patients sometimes. Try to be understanding when you have to wait or something takes longer than expected. However, also know when you need to push for more attention or care. There are times that your persistence may be necessary to make the office realize the severity of your situation. Unfortunately, everyone seems to think even minor things such as a cold are an emergency when it comes to the use of their doctor’s time.

4. Know that your care should be the focus
Some doctors get wrapped up in the prestige of their job and lose sight of what is important: patient care. If you ask a question about something or have a concern about something and your doctor makes you feel like you shouldn’t have expressed it, that is a problem. Their job is to help you get and stay as healthy as possible, that means answering any and all questions you have pertaining to your health as best they can. After all, knowledge is power.

5. Its ok to pester!
It’s easy to give in to embarrassment or shyness, especially with your doctor, but it is far better to keep asking questions. If you don’t ask questions, they may not pick up on things that really matter or they may even think something is more than it is. It is important for the doctor to know about you and your family and what is or is not normal. If you have a concern, be persistent until you get an answer or solution.

6. Understand that Chance is Acceptable
Don’t feel like you are stuck just because you initial chose to go to one doctor’s office or hospital. If you aren’t happy with your care or you don’t feel comfortable with your caretakers, find a different place to go. Your comfort and health is far more important than the hassle of changing locations. If you are not confident that you are getting the best possible care, look for another solution.

7. Remember to show your Appreciation
If you’ve ever done something well or without being asked and not received recognition for it, you know how disappointing it can be. Your doctor feels the same. They hear people complain all day long about what is ailing them or what the doctor has not done correctly, but they don’t often hear what they have done right. Let them know when something works out and that you appreciate what they do for you and your family. They go through a lot of school and work lots of hours to keep people healthy, they deserve recognition for that.



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