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Dr. Kate Klemer

These trainings are certified by Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Association of North America

School Address : Dr. Kate Klemer, D.C., R.C.S.T. 376 Pleasant Street Northampton, Massachusetts
Phone : (413) 345-6366
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Foundational Training


SO YOU WANT TO BECOME A CRANIOSACRAL THERAPIST? This is one of the most in depth trainings you can take in cranial work!   This two-year part time training consists of  ten 5-day seminars: providing 50 days/10 modules of classroom attendance.  It is taught by Dr. Kate Klemer  who has been in private practice treating Read more…

Course Dates and Costs


Your choice: Two Trainings starting in two Locations: Northampton, Massachusetts September 2015 Asheville, North Carolina March 2016     Dates Northampton MA Starts September 2015 /***This  training has Three 5 Day Modules and Eleven 3 Day Modules Module 1 = 5 days September 23-27, 2015 Module 2= 3 days Dec 4-6, 2015 Module 3=3 days Read more…

About Dr. Kate


Dr. Kate has been utilizing cranial work in private practice since 1989, seeing many cranial patients a week. Her educational background in Chiropractic College has given her a strong base in clinical and basic sciences. She has taken courses with the Upledger Institute, British Osteopathic Association, Dr. Stober/Nasal Specifics, and advanced courses with Michael Kern Read more…


Cranial work connects directly with the quantum physics of your body. It is one of the most grounded forms of energy work with one foot grounded in the body and the other grounded in the force that directs your cells to do their job and work together as a unified field making you whole.
To be more specific, “quantum” theories deal with the smallest quantity or fundamental unit of radiant energy in a system. “Physics,” while perhaps understood most commonly as the class many of us had a hard time passing, is, put simply the science that deals with energy, motion and force. The human body is a receptacle and proprietor of our energy. As such, biodynamic craniosacral therapy works directly with the most basic energy in our bodies, our very life force.


Every cell in your body connects expresses a rhythmic subtle movement that is fundamental to life. All living things on our planet have this motion.
From a more scientific perspective, this is also energy that directs each cell to do its job. Our cells make one big community of cells called “our body”. All living things have a breath like motion that has been measured as 50 seconds inhalation/expansion, and 50 seconds exhalation. Much like the tidal motions that are scientifically affected by the earth’s relationship to the moon, we have our own tidal motion that moves through all living things. This community of cells (our body) is imprinted by the specific situation of how we first started out in life. Cells then pass on their memory to new cells. Because the body is a living, changing organism, sometimes the information that is passed on at a cellular level needs to be updated. All therapies attempt to try to create different cellular experiences to update to the current time.

Physical trauma and emotional stress can cause one’s tissue to contract. Sometimes this tissue stays contracted. Over the years these traumas and stressors can build up in one’s tissues, giving rise to problems over the years.

Craniosacral therapy connects our cells to the intelligence that directs all living things. It reaches underneath our patterns (both psychological and biological) and connects them to the source of health that is much larger than our initial blueprints and our collective traumas. When we expand and deepen into this place that originates in the core of our being, a sense of wellness occurs. We get a glimpse of not having imprints and patterns. We get a glimpse of the beginning. Over time this awareness extends beyond our experiences and becomes bigger than our original imprints and patterns. We begin to heal, and not react so strongly to things that remind us of what we have endured. We become more resourced and less overwhelmed by our past experiences

Craniosacral therapy changes your relationship with yourself. You begin to notice places where you have activation and reactivity, otherwise understood as our natural fight or flight response. It creates a millisecond of time where you see that you are not your trauma or reaction. This millisecond allows you to make a different choice rather than being a victim of circumstance. You start to learn ways to take better care of yourself, slow down, and not get pulled into a storyline that has previously caused a sense of discomfort, pain or, ultimately dis-ease. Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy is based in Buddist principles of mindfulness. These principles are mostly taught in the training non-verbally. Students can get a felt sense of calm, settling, and non-reactivity in their body by taking this training.
Biodynamic therapists generally listen to three parts of the craniosacral system: the Midtide, the Longtide, and Stillness.
Orienting towards health rather than disease during treatment empowers patients to connect with their inherent intelligence to heal themselves.
Cranial work was founded by Dr. Sutherland an Osteopath. He termed the phrase the “breath of life” that comes through our body and breathes our cells directing the intelligence of our body of cells to do their job. He believed that cranial work supported and strengthened his patients connection to the breath of life. The work is done by contacting mostly the sacrum or the cranial bones gently. The breath of life is felt very strongly in these areas and they are on the midline where the nervous system is.

Foundational Training

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    Is this training right for you?

    If you want to learn craniosacral therapy in one of the most in-depth, holistic, types of cranial work, then this it the training for you! The training will consist of informative lectures with anatomy, clinical stories, and applications. There will also be practice sessions during the class with hand-over-hand training offered by Dr. Kate Klemer. Read more…

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    Training Format

    Purpose is to become a practitioner of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Teaching Format:  Is part lecture, demonstration, and practice sessions with other students. There will also be opportunity to get feedback and support from TA’s and Dr. Kate Klemer. Students are evaluated on fulfilling homework requirements so that their progress can be tracked by the teacher. They will Read more…

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    SO YOU WANT TO BECOME A CRANIOSACRAL THERAPIST? This is one of the most in depth trainings you can take in cranial work!   This two-year part time training consists of two 5 day seminars, and ten 4 day seminars: providing 50 days/12 modules of classroom attendance.  It is taught by Dr. Kate Klemer  who Read more…



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